Best of Instagram #2

Photo by alex bracken / Unsplash

Hello again! Continuing the best-of series, here's a fresh bunch of Instagram accounts that I've been following recently that I found valuable and enjoyable.

Health & Fitness

  1. @muscleandmotion — Shows the muscular motions associated with workouts. 
  2. @doc.arvind.bhateja — A neurosurgeon educating people on health issues.
  3. @glucosegoddess — A biochemist educating people about glucose spikes and diabetes.
  4. @stephaniehson — A mental well-being account I liked recently.
  5. @sujit_reddy_ — A calisthenics coach.
  6. @upgrade_my_food — A food researcher who talks about the science behind several food items.
  7. @syattfitness — One of my favorite fitness accounts on Instagram with some brutal truth-telling.

Humanity & Inspiration

  1. @hunter_prosper — Just a real account where people tell all kinds of stories.
  2. @abrokecollegekid — A college kid in Chennai, India who helps people and raises awareness to buy from local vendors.
  3. @holdingvictorshand — A sibling caregiver caring for her brother with a developmental disability. Heartwarming content.


The following accounts are different sources of reliable information, cool pictures, and much more on Astronomy from around the world.

  1. @astro.alexandra
  2. @isro.dos
  3. @the_secrets_of_the_universe
  5. @astrobiolena
  6. @astro_roxy
  7. @astrokobi
  8. @rami_astro


For anything related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Innovation, these accounts keep me posted and keep the learning alive.

  1. @astrid_lundberg
  2. @scibytes_
  3. @stevemouldscience
  4. @particleclara
  5. @3blue1brown
  6. @drbecky_s
  7. @cleoabram
  8. @nonstandardmodels
  9. @andy_math_dot_com
  10. @neildoesmaths
  11. @josephsmachines
  12. @zackdfilms
  14. @geoknowledgy

General Knowledge

  1. @bradyyourtutor — My favorite trivia account where the host gamifies the general knowledge questions to university students.
  2. — I like maps. And this account has a lot of them.

Personal and Career Development

  1. @shadezahrai — Important career advice, interview tips, skill development, etc.
  2. @jefferson_fisher — One of the most impactful accounts on Instagram. Jeff teaches priceless communication skills that I've found invaluable.
  3. @tommo.carroll — This guy learns fun life skills and teaches us how he did it with some essential ones and some good-to-have ones.
  4. @donhuely — A vocabulary coach with a new word every day.

Art & Entertainment

  1. @treadmillguy — This guy puts several objects on a high-sped treadmill and conducts a race with commentary. Super fun.
  2. @aleksey_n — A VFX artist with final-destination type nightmares.
  3. @ashleyottesen_ — A sketch comedy artist whom I like a lot.
  4. @fritzdoesart_ — This guy is a master of color theory. He matches any given shade of any color with a mixture of paints. I find his color perception fascinating.
  5. @hypnomotion — An incredible stop-motion lego artist.
  6. @zachking — A VFX artist with the craziest video sketches. I've been following him for a long time and not once he has disappointed.

Food & Dining

I don't like cooking as much as watching and listening to these people cook. Enough said.

  1. @plantfuture
  2. @cookingforlevi
  3. @notorious_foodie
  4. @gloriajkitchen
  5. @thechefsmartypants
  6. @adip_food
  7. @alina_prokuda

Travel, Nature, and Wildlife

  1. @bryanmillarwalker — A Scottish travel influencer.
  2. @wandereatwrite — Michelle works in Antarctica and she shares her stories from her work and life at the South Pole. It's a different world down there.
  3. @karadenizli.maceraci — This guy cooks in the most beautiful locations around the world, mostly with wood and fire.
  4. @mattykjordan — This guy works at the South Pole in Antarctica and teaches a lot about the frozen continent. 
  5. @johnderting — He's a traveler who hangs around water bodies and glaciers. His water videos make you want to hydrate yourself immediately.
  6. @ronald_soethje — A few of the best videos of the world I've seen reside in this account. An absolute delight to watch.
  7. @girlinwhiteglasses — This account is full of different bird sounds from around the world. I've seen nothing like it before. 


  1. @stephaniegrime1 — An account with great Amazon finds. 
  2. @sambentley — Sam Bentley spreads awareness, news, and teaches about sustainable living, renewable energy, climate change, and so on. 
  3. @livekindly — Another account on sustainable living and related news from around the world.

Anyway, these are the accounts I liked recently. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Vivek Arvind

Vivek Arvind

Santa Clara, CA