Quick Facts #2

Photo by Hal Gatewood / Unsplash

Hello! I'm too tired to write after a 24-hour journey, so keeping it super short this week. At the risk of sounding like buzzfeed, here are some facts that I came across recently.

  1. The prefrontal cortex, located in the front of our brain, is responsible for having willpower, resisting temptation, etc. When it works better, we resist temptation better, we reason better, we procrastinate lesser.
  2. There are no penguins in the North Pole or the Arctic. Almost all of world's penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, and most of them live in Antarctica, in the South Pole.
  3. There are no Polar Bears in Antarctica. Contrary to penguins, Polar Bears live entirely in the Arctic region. Though they are capable of surviving in the Antarctic region, their forerunners never migrated to the southern continent.
  4. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Helium holds the second place, while Oxygen is the third.
  5. There is a southern version of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). It is called Aurora Australis, which is still the same phenomenon, but at the South Pole. These lights occur when the solar flares and wind from the Sun hit the earth's magnetic field, resulting in a spectacular light-show.

That's all I've got for this week. Over and out. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Vivek Arvind

Vivek Arvind

Santa Clara, CA