Two Years of Writing - A Retrospective

Photo by Katie Barrett / Unsplash

I recently completed two years of writing on this blog. I wanted to write a retrospective post on how things went. This is going to be short. I can feel it.

  1. The first year was easy. I had the drive to write. I used to write for 30 minutes every day, and it was my Sunday evening ritual. It used to be so relaxing and therapeutic to sit and write something. I explored many different topics and domains in my posts. There was variety in topics, length, and depth of my posts.
  2. The second year was tough. I lost the drive to write. It became a chore. I couldn't keep up the daily habit. Most importantly, I barely made any effort to write. I didn't feel like writing.
  3. I usually note any writing ideas on my phone. However, in many instances, I found myself in a position where I couldn't write or even make a note about it (while driving, for example) and forget about it before I got my hands free. Sometimes, I used to get an idea and an unforeseen flow of thoughts on some topic, and I'd have the urge to sit and write. But I'll be in the middle of work and unable to spend time on it. It was tough to be creative on demand. When the ideas came, I wouldn't have the time and when I sat down to write, nothing would come.
  4. All I wrote this year was quotes. The quotes were good, but the process was dull. Thankfully nobody read them.
  5. One thing for which I'm thankful is that I kept my consistency. Even if it's a line, I published. I really wrote a single line one weekend. Lol.
  6. I'll figure something out. Let's see how the third year goes.

Thanks for reading, if you've come this far. Cheers!

Vivek Arvind

Vivek Arvind

Santa Clara, CA